Akubra Traveller Bran

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The Traveller is a soft felt hat made for todays active lifestyle. Featuring a new, breakthrough design from Akubra.

The Traveller is made from quality rabbit fur with a secret ingredient added to make this hat retain its shape better than most other Akubras. The new soft felt allows the hat to be lightly folded to fit into places the other styles could not hope to fit.

This hat is not designed to be folded hard into tightly packed luggage in which you have to sit on to close but, the soft felt and special memory wire in the brim will bounce back to shape after being placed into small spaces and compartments such as, overhead lockers, side pockets or other places where the hat needs to change shape to fit.

Please note: Unlike most other Akubra hats this style won’t shrink, this is because it doesn’t have the inner leather hatband. Instead it has a soft felt inner hat band.
Brim: 76mm

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