Victorinox Handyman Swiss Army Knife


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Medium Pocket Knife with 24 Functions

Key Features

  • The essential tool for do-it-yourself experts
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 24 functions
  • Includes pliers and a chisel

When you hear the words Swiss Army Knife, chances are you think of the legendary Officer’s knife. And that legend continues with the Handyman pocket knife. If you’re handy, then you know that the call to come fix something can come at any time. So whether you’re hard at work or hard at play, always keep the Handyman with you. Its 24 functions are always ready, so you will be too.


  1. large blade
  2. small blade
  3. corkscrew
  4. can opener
  5. small screwdriver
  6. bottle opener
  7. screwdriver
  8. wire stripper
  9. reamer, punch
  10. key ring
  11. tweezers
  12. toothpick
  13. scissors
  14. multipurpose hook
  15. wood saw
  16. chisel
  17. nail file
  18. metal file
  19. nail cleaner
  20. metal saw
  21. fine screwdriver
  22. pliers
  23. wire cutters
  24. wire crimping tool


Item number: 35685
Factory code: 1.3773
Height: 27.5 mm
Length: 91 mm
Weight: 155 g


Scale Material: ABS / Cellidor
Blade lockable: No
One hand blade: No