Smith & Wesson Handcuffs Hinged Model 300 Nickel


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Smith & Wesson’s model 300 hinged handcuffs are more restrictive than standard chain handcuffs. Smith & Wesson hinged handcuffs are constructed of nickel plated carbon steel. Satin nickel plating provides corrosion resistance and makes the handcuffs appear dull or cloudy to prevent glare in tactical situations where cover is required. The hinged design safely restricts movement providing more security for officers. Smith & Wesson’s model 300 is a double locking handcuff that utilizes the slot lock double locking mechanism. Simply insert the back of your handcuff key into the slot and pull towards the keyhole to double lock these handcuffs. They can also be double locked from both sides. These are sold with 2 Smith & Wesson handcuff keys, instructions and a lifetime warranty.

  • Wrist Opening: 2.03″
  • Locking Positions: 22
  • First notch inside perimeter: 8.10″
  • Last notch inside perimeter: 5.80″
  • Tightest inside width: 1.80″
  • Distance between cuffs: 2.00″
  • Maximum overall length: 8.13″
  • Weight: 11 ounces


Certain individual state laws, depending on where you live in Australia, handcuffs may be classified as controlled or restricted weapons. Please check your current state legislations regarding controlled items before purchasing.