Snowgum Mawson Light + 5 Sleeping Bag


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  • Pillow pocket on reverse of hood
  • Fully unzips
  • Hood draw cord
  • Single double ended SBS zipper allowing bag to be opened fully
  • 3D Draft Tubes down zip lengths to reduce drafts and aid insulation
  • Neck Draft Tube with draw cord

Rating/Season: Autumn/Winter (+5ºC)

Shape: Semi-Rectangular

Ideal for these uses:
Camping, hiking, travel, overnight transport or spare bedding

Outer Fabric: Polyester Microfibre 
Inner Lining: Polyester Soft Touch Microfibre 
Fill Type: HollowFibre Polyester 
Fill Amount (Top): 2 x 125g/m2
Fill Amount (Bottom): 2 x 125g/m2

Snowgum uses synthetic fillings that have been created to emulate the air trapping characteristics of down.

Our synthetic fillings are made from a hollow fibre about the size of a strand of hair and have either one or many hollow channels in them. These are too small for the naked eye to see but they are very effective at trapping warm air and thus keeping your body warm. The fibres loft well (fluff up when removed from the storage sack) and are sewn into panels that are placed strategically around the bag for best performance (eg. some have more on the top than the bottom). Synthetic bags are not as warm as down bags for the same weight of filling but they do maintain their warmth when wet, and dry quickly – this is a significant advantage over down.

Length (including Hood): 210cm
Length (from Shoulder): 178cm
Width (at Shoulder): 72cm
Width (at Feet): 55cm